Frequently Asked Questions


What is this website?
Libre is a message board dedicated to the discussion of technology and related topics, such as programming, reverse engineering, and game modding.

What should I know before I post?
Users are encouraged to participate actively in our community, but only after they have familiarized themselves with the rules and this FAQ.


What is "leeching"?
Leeching refers to the greedy use of resources according to etiquette; using too much of what is freely given without contributing a reasonable amount back to the community that provides it. A leech is one who benefits, usually deliberately, from others' information or effort but does not offer anything in return, or makes only token offerings in an attempt to avoid being called a leech.

What is "shitposting"?
Shitposting is the deliberate act of posting low quality, off-topic, or ill-intentioned content. It is an example of negative contribution.

What is considered positive contribution?
We define positive contribution as the submission of substantial, informative, intelligent, and humorous posts. By frequently contributing high-quality posts, you may become a contributor without posting mods or forking over money.

Why shouldn't I leech?
Excessive leeching leads to the free rider problem. This entry on the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy explains the moral and economic issues that arise from free riding. And formal logic aside, we don't want the site to turn into an echo chamber centralized around a certain stagnant pool of contributors, but rather a unique community of diverse individuals interested in sharing their ideas and creations with others.


I've been banned. What did I do wrong?
A log of active bans and their reasons is publicly available at /logs/bans.

Can I appeal my ban?
Yes, given that your reasons are legitimate. Contact a staff member through discord.

Why am I redirected to the "Blocked Your 7 Proxies" page?
A number of ISPs, IP ranges, and countries are blocked due to repeated abuse.


What personal information is collected?
Aside from the information provided at registration, we log and store the IP address at application level for two weeks in order to deter ban evaders. No logging whatsoever is done at the network level.

What is your Tor policy?
Due to repeated abuse coming from Tor exit nodes and open proxies, our official policy is to block them when possible. Our apologies to those who use these services for legitimate purposes.